For Men who are chronic "Nice-Guys"...

Discover why women get so sexually excited
by bad boys.... and how you too can have
the same Raw Sexual Power without
becoming an inconsiderate jerk!

Finally the missing pieces to the puzzle
From a Reformed Nice Guy

You don't need to look like this guy
to be a Badboy in the Bedroom!

Dear Friend,

Are you tired of being "just friends" with women?

Feel like you have your life together but women only have sex with jerks?

Do women tell you their troubles, then run off to hook up with some guy on a Harley, a jock or some tattooed guitar player?

Ever been married and had your wife cheat on you with a bad boy then divorce you?

Maybe you've heard those bone chilling words "you're a nice guy, but..."

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, then this will be one of the most exciting messages you'll ever read.

Here's why...

I was once a nice guy too. I had a beautiful wife who modeled lingerie and we had sex every night. I was on top of the world. Then one day it all came crashing down on me.

My wife left me for a badboy

I found out my wife had been cheating with a bad boy and next thing I know she had divorced me and taken half of everything I owned. I was crushed. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me. Once I recovered from the shock I set out to find out what happened.

I vowed it would never happen again

The divorce was the kick-in-the-pants I needed to find out what went wrong. As luck would have it I spotted the very same Badboy in a bar one night. I went up and asked him to tell me what he did to cause her to leave me after 8 years of marriage. Amazingly, he told me everything!

A Shocking Revelation

It made me sick to my stomach to hear all the details, but holy crap did I learn something. I got a glimpse into what raw sexual power is all about, and how women go crazy once they get a taste of this forbidden fruit.

I knew I was on to something, it was rare for a real bad boy to spill his guts. I also realized one more thing... this is important. I was...

NEVER Ever Ask for Sex!

Too nice for my own damn good

My masculinity had been submerged like the Titanic by social programming. I bought into one of the great modern lies about relationships.

I believed being a good provider and loving husband was all my wife needed. Thanks to Mr. Badboy that false belief exploded like a water balloon dropped from Empire State Building.

Like so many men, I had mistakenly

Confused NICE with BORING

I was proud of being a 'nice-guy'. I was raised by two very loving parents to be nice. The problem is I was being nice all the time. Nice at dinner is a good thing. Nice when you are the bedroom is a bad thing, because it's boring. Yes, even sex can get boring if it's always the same.

Imagine eating vanilla ice cream every day... how long would it take you to get bored and want something else? For a woman, that's what nice guy sex is like. It might taste good at first, but soon she wonders "is this all?"

So the solution was crystal clear, I needed to overcome the Nice-Guy-Itis that made me a plain vanilla lover. How did I do that? Read on...

Good things about bad boys

I became a bad boy. That's right, me a divorced father with 2 young kids and full-time engineering geek, became a bad boy.

It wasn't easy at first. I had to create a series of special exercises to cure my nice-guy syndrome, but once I did... an amazing thing happened.... IT WORKED!

I was a total jerk to women and they wanted sex. And the sex was freaking HOT! But there was just one problem...

Bad things about bad boys

Being a mean, conceited jerk around women sucked. It made me sick to my stomach, because at my core I'm a nice guy. I adore women and have always treated them with the utmost respect.

However, I now had a huge dilemma... I was having the best sex of my life! The women were getting kinky in ways I never imagined even in my wildest fantasies. No way did I want to give that up! But I couldn't continue be a rude jerk to women either.

I didn't know what to do, until one day I stumbled on the answer by accident.

The magic formula

If you are like most modern guys (and me), you were raised to be "nice". Yet now you find yourself asking: "If I'm so nice, why isn't my sex life better?" The secret is in this simple formula...

Be a Good Guy in the living room
and a Bad Boy in the bedroom

When you are outside the bedroom, be a good man. Show kindness, respect and be trustworthy. Outside the bedroom... be nice.

In the bedroom be the highly sexual bad boy women find so exciting. Inside the bedroom take charge, be dominant and be naughty. In other words... be bad (but in a good way)

Seems almost too simple doesn't it? The problem is, most guys don't have a clue on how to be the bad boy. (Actually, that's not quite correct, I'll tell you why in a minute)

But Curing Nice Guy isn't just about men, because fact is...

What Women want

  • 60% reported they wish they were having MORE sex!
  • Women rated "pinning me against the wall for a long make-out session" as the #1 sexy seduction move!
  1. Ask her to pose naked!
  2. Talk dirty to her in bed!
  3. Kiss her passionately in front of her friends!
  4. Talk about sexual fantasies with her!

Women are frustrated!

Most women can't find what they want. They either end up with a nice guy and boring lame sex, or they end up having great sex with a bad boy who ends up treating her like a used condom.

When you hear a woman say a Good Man is HARD to find, this is what they mean. She wants a man who treats her with respect AND can ring her bell in the bedroom.

Men are frustrated!

Your whole life you've been doing what you were taught and have been nice... all the time, everywhere and to everybody.

But, you don't get the results with women you want, and bluntly the lets-just-be-friends thing sucks.

Men aren't satisfied, women aren't satisfied. Modern society has let us down by creating so many nice guys. When the reality is...

Women Want More Sex!

And what they really desire is a man who makes his woman feel appreciated, is sexually exciting and can give her wild screaming orgasms. Women fantasize about a man like this constantly. It's why they read 400 page romance novels.

Women write me all the time and tell me how hard it is to find a Masterful Lover, so the way I see it, Cure Nice Guy cuts two ways. Both men and women will have better sex and better relationships.

If you don't lead...
she can't dance

Have you ever taken a Salsa dancing class? The first thing they teach you is Men Lead, women follow. If you don't lead, she can't dance because she doesn't know where to go or what to do.

Just like in dancing, women want this from their man in the bedroom. In fact, they crave it, because it allows them to be the naturally sexually submissive creature she was born to be.

It doesn't matter if she's an executive women who commands men around all day or a librarian, the moment she goes into the bedroom she wants to surrender completely to her man.

With her 'Badboy' in the bedroom,
she feels safe enough to Play 'Doctor'

Here's another little secret I learned from badboys...

The More BADBOY you are,
the more she will want sex

I warn my coaching clients about this... the more you become the dominant sexual man in the bedroom, the better the sex gets because she trusts you and will do things she's never done with any other man. Sex will be so exciting she will literally become addicted... and she will become addicted to you!

The better the sex is -- the more women crave it. Women are HIGHLY sexual creatures, but only when they are with a man who knows how to bring out her wildly sexual side.

So, maybe you are wondering... how do I become a bad boy in the bedroom?

Stop being the elephant on a rope

Ever see an elephant at the circus? This massive beast is held in place by a thin rope and a peg in the ground. Fact is, the elephant can break the rope with a flick of it's leg, but won't even try because it BELIEVES it can't break the rope! It's been conditioned from when it was very young that the rope is too strong to break.

Nice guys are a lot like the elephant. They all have 'reasons' why they can't be a sexually exciting bad boy in the bedroom. After working with one-on-one clients for many years I've heard all the excuses, and not one of them is true.

Elephants have a rope, you have limiting beliefs. Thoughts in your head that are not true, but you act as if they are real.

So step one is for you to become aware of the 'rope' holding you back. The good news is...

You aren't Broken

Most so called self help is designed to convince the person they are fundamentally "broken" and need to be 'fixed'. Most nice guys ain't broken. You just have your Nice Guy Switch stuck in the ON propitiation. I know what it's like, I once had the same problem.

Do you get uncomfortable at the thought of bending a woman over a couch, entering her from behind, smacking her ass and talking dirty to her? This is your Nice Guy programming, and it keeps you from doing what women desperately want from their man.

Inside you is a sexual creature who would love to have crazy monkey sex. Your nice guy belief system tells you it's wrong, or it would offend a 'nice girl'. Fact is, in the context of heightened sexual arousal nice girls love to get 'ravished' and 'taken' by a dominant man.

And I know it's a problem that can be solved by taking small steps. You don't have to change, you just need to learn how to tap into things you already have. All men have an inner bad boy. You just need to learn to let your bad boy out to play when the time is right.

99% of ALL Women Want to be Submissive to their Man

We are all born
sexual creatures, but...
there is no such thing
as a born bad boy

My point... you can learn how. And I've got a way to drastically reduce the time it takes to do this.

Here's how it works:

  1. Get past fears you will "offend" women by being sexually dominant and talking dirty
  2. We men are logical beings. We need to see proof. As John Keynes once said "When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?"

    I'll show you FACTS. Real world examples of the power of bad boys, women who crave really hot sex, and stories from men who were once Nice Guys just like you and me.

  3. Undo all the crappy social programming
  4. Time to break the elephant's rope. The thing holding you back the most is what you believe to be true about being nice, women, and sex.

    In the same way a fish isn't aware of the water it lives in, you aren't aware (yet) of the toxic thoughts in your head. Discover what is holding you back by doing the exercises I developed for myself and I use with my one-on-one coaching clients.

  5. What To Do & Say

    I've created simple step-by-step guides to help you discover

  • how to transition from the good guy gentlemen to the sexy masculine bad boy and do it so it seems like "it just happened!"
  • how & when to start talking 'naughty' and do it so smoothly she won't even notice
  • what to do if it's your first date or if you've been together for over 20 years

You also discover...

  • How to UNCORK your natural sexual desires and sexual behaviors
  • Why your brain is forcing you to NOT talk dirty to women and what you can do stop it.
  • How to stop making self-sabotaging nice-guy mistakes
  • Revolutionary practices for the chronically nice guy
  • How to be a good guy and still be sexually exciting
  • Nice guy traps to avoid
  • Specific Examples of how to talk 'dirty' (without using filthy words)
  • How you can be a bedroom badboy, and still treat women with respect
  • The common challenges modern men have with being a badboy in the bedroom (and how to solve them)
  • How to smoothly escalate sexually into the bedroom (even if you have no previous experience)
  • A sneaky way to get her to say naughty things to YOU! (You'll be amazed at what she will say once you get her started)
  • How you can introduce new things (like dirty talk) even if you've been married over 20 years.
  • Subconscious ways you hold yourself back (and the tools to eliminate them)
  • How to respond if she says "What has gotten into you?" or "Why are you acting different?" (nice guys always screw this up)
  • Effortless ways to transition from good guy to bad boy and back. (so natural she won't notice)
  • How to overcome feelings of shame or guilt about your sexual desires
  • How to lead in the bedroom so it feels natural (not forced)
  • Simple sexy things to say in the bedroom, even if your mind goes blank.
  • Even 'Nice Girls' Like to be Naughty
    with a Badboy
  • How to be masculine in the bedroom even if you are normally a shy guy outside.
  • Lethally effective ways to increase her arousal only bad boys know
  • How to avoid feeling embarrassed when using dirty talk
  • How to put 'fire' back into your marriage

Imagine going from feeling guilty, afraid or ashamed about your sexual desires with women to feeling good about being masculine and taking control in the bedroom.

Imagine never worrying about your woman cheating again. (she'll be so happy with you it won't cross her mind)

Imagine being with a woman who can't wait to see you again because she wants more wild, kinky rip-up-the-sheets sex with YOU.

That's what Cure Nice Guy is about.


Do you believe your desires are wrong or bad?

Come on, face it, you have "desires" regarding your woman. You know it. I know it. (Hey, we're men, we have "desires".)

But do you believe your desires are wrong or bad? Be honest. Because if you do, then you might have "nige-guy-itis".

A glaring sign of nice-guy-itis is the belief that a desire is "wrong" or "bad". And it doesn't matter what the desire is, it's the belief that the desire is wrong.

And just because you think it's wrong doesn't mean it goes away. Nobody has eliminated a desire, no matter what they think of it. The desire will still try to be met.

But the real test if you have nice-guy-itis is the following...

Do you try to get your desire met without admitting it?

Do you try to disguise your desire? Try to hide it? Keep it a "secret"?

Do you expect your woman to meet your desire, but you never actually state your desire?

Do you make compromises and give up things so that your woman will eventually meet your desire?

Do you ever make a "covert contract"? That means you give your woman flowers expecting her to give you ______. (fill in the blank - which has nothing to do with flowers)

If you have done any of the above, then you definitely have nice-guy-itis.

And that would mean you have felt frustration. And you probably felt anger. Well now you can take constructive steps forward to cure your nice-guy-itis. It's the first thing that has to happen before progress can be made.

My top Masterful Lover coach has a 100% success rate of curing nice-guy-itis among our coaching clients. And my top Masterful Lover coach happens to be a woman. Her name is Lena Voyles.

I interviewed Lena about how she cures men of their nice-guy-itis. Listen to a section of that interview here:

Click here to hear Lena on "The Belief That Desire Is Wrong"


The real reason you fear women...

If you're a "nice-guy" then you fear women, and here's why...

Nice-guys have the belief that desire is wrong. If you believe desire is wrong, you can't express that desire. When you want something, and you can't express that desire, then you become dependent on the woman to somehow meet that desire for you.

So you have put all the power in the woman to meet your need, and she doesn't even know it. So all of that power is completely outside yourself. You become helpless to her to meet your need. And she doesn't even know your need because you can't express your need.

As a result, you feel completely powerless, and you feel that women are really powerful.

And women aren't helping you with that power (because they don't even know they have it) so you have the very uncomfortable feeling of needing something from somebody who's not giving it to you.

When you feel powerless, and you believe women have all the power, you become fearful of the perceived power of women.

That's why you fear women.

Nice-guys think women have all the power because nice-guys give all the power to women because nice-guys aren't able to express their desires because nice-guys believe desire is wrong.

Now here's where nice-guys really crash and burn... When nice-guys get fed up and can't take it anymore they over-compensate by being "not-nice" (bad). They had her on a pedestal so they knock her off that pedestal by being rude and obnoxious, and even controlling or bullying.

But that's still pushing against the perceived power that women have, and that simply further perpetuates the mindset that women have all the power.

Listen to a section of my interview with Lena here:

Click here to hear Lena on "The Fear Of Women"


The entire 2-hour interview is included in Cure Nice Guy

You'll hear Lena reveal how to identify your nice-guy-itis and how to fix it forever! Lena has a 100% success rate of curing our coaching clients of nice-guy-itis.


"Totally shattered my former reality"


I recently ordered Cure Nice Guy. Your products are great and I have total belief in them. They totally shattered my former reality. I have taken your advice and am I working on my beliefs. Your work has made me confront and eliminate some real bonehead nice guy behavior, and I REALLY appreciate that. Interestingly enough I didn't fall into that trap in casual relationships, but only in longer, committed ones. In casual ones, I had no problem being the nice guy in the living room and the bad boy in the bedroom, and it worked great!

I think a lot of guys are drawn to this material, as you say in one of your segments, because they are already in long term relationships and are unsatisfied at some level. I'd fall into that category. The relationship started off with great results in the bedroom, but as the commitment level increased, nice guy crept back in, and created well, what nice guy creates. Screw that - now I'm determined to cure nice guy for good.

Thanks in advance for all you do,

Greg H., California


What this program is not

  • This is not a guide to male selfishness

  • It's not about being controlling, domineering or manipulative

  • It does not make you a mean inconsiderate jerk or rude asshole

  • It's not about using profanities or being degrading to women

  • It's not for men in denial about being 'nice', you need an open mind.

  • Most important... this isn't a magic pill that works overnight... you need to put some energy into getting what you want.

Who this is for

This course is for you if:

  • You often seem to end up a woman's new best friend when you would rather be her lover
  • You have a difficult time showing raw sexual interest in a woman
  • Deep down, you feel showing sexual or even romantic interest in a woman is "using" her
  • You have trouble believing women want sex... and maybe want it MORE than you
  • You respect women and are ready to take FULL responsibility for your life.

Here's what you get with Cure Nice Guy.

130 Page Cure Nice Guy Manual - Detailing the psychology of why nice guys think the way they do, the myths & misconceptions about 'niceness' and the hard truth about sexuality found in reality. You'll find out what women want, why being nice isn't so nice and why women cheat. Plus how to be comfortable with your sexuality and how to be personally & sensually powerful with women.

Includes Guest Chapters from Women - Based on feedback from men these unique contributions were arranged. Here's your chance to find out the woman's point of view on Nice Guys, Bad Boys and rip-up-the-sheets sex.

Includes 11 Real World Case Studies - Examples of real life bad boys, what they do right and what they do terribly wrong, plus success stories from former nice guys on how they made the change and how amazing their relationships with women are now.

Includes 6 Self Correcting Exercises - The same exercises I used on myself and use with my one-on-one coaching clients. These are specifically designed to help you get over your nice-guy-itis.

Lena Voyles

2-Hour Interview with Lena Voyles - You'll hear Lena reveal how to identify your nice-guy-itis and how to fix it forever! Lena has a 100% success rate of curing our coaching clients of nice-guy-itis.

2-Hour Cure Nice Guy Teleseminar - You'll hear me cover simple yet effective examples of what to say, what to do and complete step-by-step guide on how to go from good guy at dinner to bad boy in the bedroom. Plus examples of wrong things to say at the wrong times, Nice Guy traps to avoid and how to introduce new things into any relationship. The final hour you'll hear me work with guys on their Nice-Guy challenges.


Plus If You Order Now,
You'll Get These Bonuses

Carlos Xuma

Bonus #1 - Carlos Xuma Interview
"How To be an alpha man
in your Every Day life"

Carlos Xuma is an expert in Masculinity and what he calls the Alpha Lifestyle.

He's appeared on ABC & CBS television, Maxim Radio, Sex with Emily, World Talk Radio and Playboy Magazine

Carlos & I are good friends and we share a very similar philosophy about women and sexuality.

Based on feedback I received, men want to know more about how to communicate "badboy" outside the bedroom. So I asked Carlos to share his ideas on how to be an Alpha Man in your every day life.


Meriana Dinkova

Bonus #2 - Meriana Dinkova Interview
"Why Women Want their man
to See Her Sexuality"

Meriana Dinkova coaches men and women on developing and strengthening their erotic presence and on cultivating their own unique sexual expression. Those skills are as important in dating, as they are in keeping long term relationships hot and exciting.

Meriana is a Psychotherapist and a Relationship Coach based in San Francisco, and in the last seven years she has helped numerous men to create the relationships they want and helped couples to keep the fires going after many years of being together.


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Immediately upon ordering, you will receive an email. In that email will be links to download everything.


Cure Nice Guy


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Lena Voyles Interview
Cure Nice Guy Teleseminar
How To Be An Alpha Man In Everyday Life
Why Women Want Their Man to See Her Sexuality
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If you know me, you know I stand behind my products. As a former engineer I like results, and I design my courses so you can get the outcomes you desire. If it doesn't work for you, I don't want your money. With that here's my guarantee

Make YOUR Sex Life Better
Money Back Guarantee!

If in 60 days from now your woman isn't constantly craving sex with you, isn't sending you naughty text messages about how she can't wait to jump your bones and isn't bragging to her girlfriends about you being the best guy she's ever had -- return it for a prompt and courteous refund.

If in 60 days from now you are not 100% satisfied, send it back to me for a FULL REFUND. No questions asked and no hassles.

In short... If you aren't happy, I don't want your money!


"Yes, I want to get
Cure Nice Guy
for only $97"

Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.

This is the first time I've shared all this material outside of my private coaching clients. My rates are $500/hour for private coaching, but you can get it all for only $97. Frankly I was going to price this higher, but it's such a key element to success as a Masterful Lover I want as many men as possible to have it right away.

Listen, I can make it affordable for you, but I can't make you take action. What I do know is, guys who actually follow this program get amazing results. The guys who won't even try, get more of the same old Nice Guy crap from women. Remember a definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Get yourself a copy of my program and Cure Your Nice guy. Bring out your inner Bad Boy and make women happy. You'll be glad you did.

Give women incredible pleasure... be the bad boy in the bedroom they crave.

P.S. Remember, this program is fully guaranteed for a full 60 days. If you aren't completely satisfied for any reason (or even no reason at all) just return it for a prompt and courteous refund. I'll give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked and no hard feelings.

P.P.S. Here is a sample of the success stories men and women send me taken from my files.


"I’ve been much more confident
and vocal in bed"

I’ve been much more confident and vocal in bed. I always feared that the girl would laugh at me if I said anything sexual, but usually the opposite happens and they get more turned on.

I’m hooking up with my ex-girlfriend, and now that I’m more vocal I get responses from her I never expected. Her nails will claw into my back when she used to just lie still like a dead fish.

Stu S. - McLean, Virginia


"Become the 'Prince Charming' without becoming a
sobbing carpet to walk on"

In the last century men somehow lost their touch of being true men. Earlier there hardly was any problem but times have radically changed and we as men haven't been as adaptable as we should have been.

We have tried to get women with all kind of tricks and games and the quality of women hasn't been the best... Most dating ebooks and courses emphasize being the strong alpha male. Unfortunately they have forgotten that human beings are also emotional creatures, even men.

You explain in simple terms, what women truly want and need and what we as men need to do to become the "Prince Charming" without becoming a sobbing carpet to walk on.

Best Regards,

Arto S. - Finland


"It demonstrates to men how to lead their women in the bedroom"

It demonstrates to men how to lead their women in the bedroom. Most women want their man to take the wheel and *drive* hard and fast :-) This book lays the foundations for having women associate great sex specifically to the man giving it to her.

And perhaps most importantly, it echoes the beliefs that lovers ought to have about women and sex.

Any man who reads this book will realize that they have the potential to consume utterly a woman's sexuality. Seasoned lovers will nod and smile at your words, and newcomers will be encouraged to know that being a god in bed is not about mere experience.

I just wish that this were around as well as The Manual before I shed my virginity and entered the world of sex.

Jon Meyers - California


"Climb the ladder of survival
from a beta male to a
virile alpha male... grrrr"

Hi David,

There is no doubt in my mind that EVERY man worth his salt should read and implement your guides. I forward your emails to whoever my current lover is; if they ignore it, I break up with them. If however they act on the information, they get to stay around and bless me with all they have learned.

I am engaged now to the man who took it seriously. He rocks my world and we have found that I wear him out and yet he continues to bring me one wild orgasm after another even after he is spent. I want to experience everything life has to offer with him. We have done threesomes and intend to experiment with many other "taboos". In return for his generous and masterful loving, I strive to be a woman worthy of him.

Truth be told I will not settle for less than a masterful lover. All men should strive to be one and hence climb the ladder of survival from a beta male to a virile alpha male... grrrr.

Thank You & Take Care David,

Jenna L. - Atlanta GA

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"My sexual confidence as well as my confidence as a man has soared"

I've ordered and read your books as well as your CDs about dirty talk, and I think they are amazing. I really think you've got this sex thing figured out, and my sexual confidence as well as my confidence as a man has soared.

I've literally made my girlfriend scream with pleasure from the stuff you've taught me, and I don't even think I've scratched the surface. I can't say enough positive things about your products or your excellent newsletter.

Dustin Bay - Arkansas


"I was begging him to do more"

My story is really kind of simple. My husband and I had a very routine sex life... always missionary and never anything new and a lot of it was because of my confidence about myself. I have had 2 kids in the last 2 1/2 years and my sex drive was way down.

Well, my husband who is deployed, came home on leave a few weeks ago and told me there was some new things he wanted to try on me. Let me tell you, I have never really been vocal in bed and wow that changed.

Every single time we had sex while he was home I was having multiple orgasms and the great part about it too was that since he knew I was enjoying it so much he had more than 1 orgasm too on a few occasions.

I was begging him to do more and we couldn't help ourselves on doing things where I normally wouldn't agree to doing it.

Wow now I cannot wait until he comes home again so we can start where we left off and my husband is very excited too.

Thanks again David... this really helped our sex life a great deal.

Tammy (Navy wife) - San Diego CA


"Heck, all men should be 'required'
to read this stuff!"

I spent 17 years with a man who never once gave me an orgasm. I even let him make me think there was something wrong with ME. I realized he was wrong and divorced him.

But I find it difficult to find a REAL man. It gets old when a man tells you he is going to give you this amazing orgasm and then has absolutely no idea how to go about it... lol.

I truly believe every guy who seriously wants to have a great relationship with a woman read this material. Heck, all men should be "required" to read this stuff.

Sex therapists should be sharing your name with their clients. Had any of my partners had this information years ago, my life sure would have turned out differently!!

This stuff is awesome! You did a wonderful job at putting this together and I will definitely spread the word!!

Thanks!! Keep up the great work!!

Cindy Lane - Michigan


"Writing me dirty SMS how she thinks about getting f_cked by me!"

I wanted to share a success story with you from how the sex life of my girl friend and me changed after reading your material.

Our sex was pretty normal and I actually did not have much experience as she only was my second girlfriend.

Anyway, in a nutshell, we went from normal sex to wild passionate sex, or what some would call hard core fucking. From a shy girl whose sexuality was asleep and was like: "Sex is ok, but I don't need it" she went to wanting it all the time, writing me dirty SMS how she thinks about getting fucked by me when we are not together.

Your friend,

Alex Bosbach - Germany


She's Waiting for You...

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